Jess Guitar

Driving Growth and Fostering Community in Soccer


Board Member


A graduate of Michigan State University, Jess Guitar brings both personal passion and professional expertise to the world of soccer. She has a Bachelor's degree in Business and a Master's degree in Sports Management from Missouri State University.

Jess began her journey in soccer as a collegiate player at Michigan State University, where she developed a deep appreciation for the sport. In 2008, she left a significant mark in the field by initiating the first women's soccer program at Northeast Oklahoma A&M College, demonstrating her commitment to empowering women in sports.

She joined Boulder County United Soccer Club in July 2020 as the Financial Controller and quickly rose to the position of Director of Operations and Finance in 2021. With her combined experience in financial investments and higher education, Jess contributes a unique perspective to our operations.

Jess's goal is to utilize her background, talents, and abilities to help cultivate a healthy, fun, and enriching soccer environment for the Boulder County United community.

In her personal life, Jess lives in Boulder with her husband Joe, their three daughters Isabel, Rheagan, Whitney, and their dogs Chubb and Moose. Despite her name, she confesses to having no musical ability and does not play the Guitar.


Jess Guitar