Maribelia Avalos


Board Member


Maribelia Avalos, founder of CASA FC, has made a profound impact on youth soccer in the Denver Metro Area. Since 2008, she has grown CASA FC from a humble beginning with just eight players to a competitive program known for nurturing top-tier talent.

Maribelia’s commitment to soccer extends beyond the field; she founded MasFit, a fitness and well-being facility in Northwest Denver. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to community wellness are evident in both her ventures.

Recognized for her influential role in sports and community development, Maribelia's efforts have been featured in notable media outlets and earned her the “Woman Who Has Changed the Heart of the City” Award from the Denver Rescue Mission in 2013.

With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Mathematics from Adam’s State University, Maribelia combines her educational background with her passion for soccer to drive positive change and create opportunities for young athletes.



Maribelia Avalos