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Elevating Young Players: Soccer Scholarships for a Level Playing Field


Unlocking Soccer Dreams with Financial Scholarships

At Soccer For Life Foundation, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to pursue their passion for soccer, regardless of financial circumstances. Our Financial Scholarships program is designed to help talented young players in Boulder County overcome economic barriers and achieve their full potential on the field.

"Soccer has the power to change lives, and our Financial Scholarships program is the key that unlocks a world of opportunity, growth, and achievement for deserving young athletes in and around Boulder County Colorado." - Don Altman | Executive Director

Eligibility Criteria

Opening Doors for Deserving Players

Our scholarships are available to young athletes who demonstrate financial need, a strong commitment to soccer, and reside within Boulder County. Our goal is to ensure that passionate and dedicated players have the opportunity to develop their skills and excel in the sport they love.

Scholarship Types

Tailored Support for Every Player

We offer a range of scholarship options, including full or partial scholarships, to cover registration fees, equipment costs, and travel expenses for tournaments. Our aim is to provide tailored financial support that addresses each recipient's unique needs and circumstances.

Application Process

Your Journey Starts Here

To apply for a scholarship, simply complete our online application form, provide the required documents demonstrating financial need, and submit the application before the specified deadline. Our user-friendly process ensures a seamless experience for applicants and their families.

Selection Process

Fair and Transparent Decision-Making

We take pride in our fair and transparent selection process. Our dedicated scholarship committee reviews each application thoroughly, considering factors such as financial need, commitment to soccer, and potential for growth in the sport. We strive to provide support to as many deserving young players as possible.

Scholarship Renewal and Ongoing Support

A Lasting Commitment

Our support extends beyond the initial scholarship award. We provide ongoing assistance to our recipients, including scholarship renewal opportunities and access to mentorship or skill development programs. Together, we foster an environment where young athletes can thrive and excel.

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"Through our unwavering commitment to soccer, we aim to remove barriers, create opportunities, and inspire dreams for every child in Boulder County. Our mission is to foster a future where all young athletes can thrive, united by their passion for the beautiful game."

Don Altman

Executive Director

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