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Our scholarship program is designed to level the playing field by providing access to soccer for young athletes who may not have the financial means to participate. We recognize that talent and passion for the game should not be limited by one's financial circumstances. By offering scholarships, we aim to create equal opportunities for all children to grow, develop, and benefit from the invaluable life lessons that soccer has to offer. Together, we can help them reach their full potential and share in the joy of the beautiful game.

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Gratitude to Our Partners: Together, We Make a Difference

We are deeply grateful to our valued partners who share our vision of creating equal soccer opportunities for all children, regardless of their financial circumstances. Their unwavering support and commitment enable us to expand our reach and make a greater impact in the lives of young athletes in our community. Together, we are breaking down barriers, fostering personal growth, and nurturing a love for the beautiful game. We couldn't do this without their help, and we wholeheartedly appreciate their contributions to our mission of making soccer accessible to every child.

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"Partnering with us means championing the dreams of countless young athletes, creating a brighter future for soccer and fostering a more inclusive community for all."

Don Altman

Executive Director

two young female soccer players walking off the field together